Refining Your Marketing Strategy for the New Year

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As another New Year approaches, it is in order to review your marketing strategy and make adjustments as needed. (Re)defining your marketing practices is a great way to start the New Year. To assist you with this endeavor, you might consider capitalizing on a couple of the tips listed below:

1) Take a client to lunch and really listen to what your client has to say. Through this process, you have a clearer picture of the needs of your client and tailor your practice to fit those needs.

2) Start referring business or leads to your current clients or prospects. Not only will your clients appreciate this gesture, but they may reciprocate in return.

3) Pay special attention to your mediocore clients. You may start by inviting them to your open house/Christmas party. You should also consider inviting them to other social events during the upcoming year. Chances are, if you follow through with this strategy on a consistent basis, your mediocore clients will no longer be mediocore.

4) Finally, once you have identified the needs of your clients, remember to follow-up and address those needs. Your clients will appreciate the time and effort you dedicate to their concerns and this will solidify the trust factor between you and your clients.

Making these small, but important changes within your marketing plan will definitely put Father Time on your side.

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