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Total Practice Management Association is dedicated to helping legal professionals in small firms or solo practice reach their revenue goals without working around the clock. We take work~life balance seriously, and everything we do is designed to help you achieve it.

Member Benefits Include:
Educational Courses and CLE Credits
Get a Life.™ Conference Discounted Rates
Special Offers from Affinity Partners
Total Balance, our bi-monthly magazine
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Expert Community Forums
Tools to Grow Your Practice and Have a Life

Membership is currently free for all members of the legal community.
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Discussion Groups

Affinity Partners Make the most of your membership benefits by sharing your thoughts and experiences with our affinity partners. Did you try a new company because they were a partner and have a great experience? Let them (and your fellow members) know about it. Is there something you wish were a little different? We want to hear your feedback. Partners and members are invited to share tips for making the most of your benefits, and questions are welcome.

Young Lawyers

Welcome to the Young Lawyers forum. Connect with other young attorneys who are embarking on new careers in a changing legal world, striking out on their own or searching for employment in a tough market. Discuss the new opportunities technology and social media have created for your generation of lawyers, or just socialize with others who understand the challenges and rewards of building a legal career.

Get a Life™ 2010

Attending Get a Life™ 2010 as a participant, speaker, or journalist? Share tidbits related to your upcoming presentation, expectations, travel plans, what you hope to glean from this year’s event, which Wii games you’re secretly hoping will be available during breaks, your experiences from Get a Life™ 2009, or anything else conference related!

Attorney Parents

Balancing the demands of parenthood and the practice of law can be challenging, but it is possible. Learn, share what works for you and brainstorm with other dedicated legal professionals who are raising children and striving for work~life balance.

Work-Life Balance

Share your work~life balance struggles, triumphs, questions and answers. From the philosophical debate to weekend getaway suggestions, everything related to work~life balance is welcome here. Pass along tips for living it up and getting out of the office– whether it’s a website or tool that makes your day a little easier or a personal philosophy that’s changed the way you do business–and learn how others are creating balance in their lives and practices.

Solo Practitioners

A solo attorney wears many hats; in most cases you’re not just a lawyer but also the firm’s business manager, director of human resources, and “the person who makes decisions about office equipment for your company”. Talk with other solo practitioners and practice management experts about balancing those responsibilities, growing your practice, taking advantage of new technology, delegating, finding work~life balance as a solo, and more. If you want to increase profits while streamlining proce…

Law Office Technology

Law firms once lagged behind other businesses in the adoption of new technology, but our industry is now firmly enmeshed with the technological world. Discuss software solutions, virtual tools, how social media can help market your law firm, which equipment your colleagues find most helpful, and much more. If it relates to law firm technology, this is the place to discuss it.

Women Attorneys

Do men still dominate the legal profession, or have we women firmly established ourselves? We’ve heard passionate arguments on both sides of that issue, but one thing is certain: women attorneys often face issues that don’t impact their male colleagues. This is the place to discuss your experiences and share information and advice with other women in the legal profession.

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