As another New Year approaches, it is in order to review your marketing strategy and make adjustments as needed. (Re)defining your marketing practices is a great way to start the New Year. To assist you with this endeavor, you might consider capitalizing on a couple of the tips listed below: 1) Take a client to lunch and really listen to what your client has to say. Through this process, you have a clearer picture of the needs of your client and tailor your practice to…Continue Reading “Refining Your Marketing Strategy for the New Year”

Live Life to the Fullest: Work-Life Balance for Lawyers / Legal Pros Enjoy life, excel and make your law firm more profitable. Work-life balance is possible. Don’t miss Get a Life.™ 2010 in Chicago on May 26 and 27, 2010. Running a law practice doesn’t have to be arduous and all-encompassing. Yes you CAN run a successful law practice, increase revenues, serve your clients well and still enjoy life to the fullest. Let our experts show you how, in a conference packed with high-profile speakers,…Continue Reading “Get a Life Conference 2010”

Work-life balance is getting a bad rap. I’m not talking about the usual rumbling from big-firm attorney who “paid their dues” and think everyone else should, too, but about a serious misconception about what work-life balance means to our clients. Work-life balance is not about slighting your clients. Quite the opposite: we believe that healthy, low-stress professionals are more focused and provide a higher quality of service than those who are burned out, stretched too thin, or focusing most of their attention on trying to…Continue Reading “The Truth about Lawyers and Work-Life Balance”

Life is returning to normal at the Total PMA office this week. After a phenomenal 2-day event, courtesy our tremendous staff and great volunteers, we are all walking away with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. I want to personally thank all of our attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and online viewers who joined us for our first event! It was so refreshing to see our attendees enjoying their time with us, but not just at the Wii station, but while developing action plans to transform…Continue Reading “Get a Life conference re-cap!”

Over the weekend, I was able to channel the spirit of celebrated TV personality and astrologer Ms. Cleo. Here are the futures she revealed to me. Either that, or I had some bad fish. Aries- A mysterious message will appear on your voicemail instructing you to come to an undisclosed location by 7pm. You will arrive at location X, only to realize it was your wife calling you home to dinner. Taurus- Later this week, you will be surprised to receive a bill for 7…Continue Reading “Professional Horoscopes”

A few years ago, if you had approached me with any of these current pop-culture phrases: “I’m going to tweet my blog“, “I love to Twitter“, “I’ll put you in MySpace” or “I’m tagging you on the Facebook” … I’d say you were talking dirty to me. Today, these pass as normal business practice. Social media adds an intriguing yet enigmatic aspect to marketing a business. Can a website designed to facilitate a sorority girl’s narcissism, for instance, really be used to market a business?…Continue Reading “Social Media Meditation”

Kevin O’Keefe, Carolyn Elefant and others have been discussing legal conferences over the past few days. O’Keefe wants to see some changes, and Elefant raises practical concerns she feels make those changes unlikely. Having hosted our first legal conference just a few weeks ago, I can attest to the fact that the challenges Elefant raises in the comments are real. But that doesn’t necessarily mean accepting the status quo. I think we’ve all had experiences like those O’Keefe describes, sitting through dull or repetitive presentations…Continue Reading “The Future of Legal Conferences”

By A. Ronning Like a one-man Cajun funeral he stood before me. And with a mystical aura only possible through weeks of blatant disregard to basic hygiene and the concept of sobriety, he stole my heart. Doctor Love, as I later came to know him, reminded me that the best kind of happiness is never planned and, more importantly, is never complicated. You might even say it’s as simple ABC, 123, Do Re Mi. Let’s rewind. Last Friday afternoon, while many were mourning the death…Continue Reading “Happiness… “it’s easy as 1-2-3″”

Presented by the Total Practice Management Association Whether you are heading to Chicago to attend the TPMA Get a Life.™ Conference or the annual NACBA Conference, you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity! Amazing food with a unique view of Wrigley Stadium to see Chicago’s beloved Cubs in action against the Dodgers from the rooftops in Wrigleyville. Price — $150/person (includes admission, food and drinks)

Get Connected! Total Practice Management Association is dedicated to helping legal professionals in small firms or solo practice reach their revenue goals without working around the clock. We take work~life balance seriously, and everything we do is designed to help you achieve it. Member Benefits Include: Educational Courses and CLE Credits Get a Life.™ Conference Discounted Rates Special Offers from Affinity Partners Total Balance, our bi-monthly magazine Peer-to-Peer Networking and Expert Community Forums Tools to Grow Your Practice and Have a Life Membership is currently…Continue Reading “Community”