Employment section of CV

A large part of a CV is taken up with the work experience section. Typically using at least one page of A4, the work history is very important to an employer – and for obvious reasons. There isn’t any substitute for experience, and in many cases you will find that a company prefers this over qualifications. Apart from entry level positions which mostly attract school leavers, work experience will always play a huge part in the decision of whom to hire. The manager has to…Continue Reading “3 ways to boost the work experience section of your CV”

If you want to find out how to get a job interview with ease, then read on for some fantastic tips. We want you to succeed, but if you fail to write a CV that makes a positive impression, it’s back to the drawing board! Here are the 5 things every employer looks for on a CV: Commercial awareness Do you understand the role and the industry? Having a good understanding of the business will help you to write a better CV. The employer will…Continue Reading “The 5 things an employer wants to see on your CV”

Most CVs nowadays have a personal statement at the top, just under the candidate’s contact info. It might be called something else (profile for example). The statement is typically three or four lines long and tells the recruiter why the candidate should be considered for the position. If used properly, it can be a very powerful way to boost your interview chances. To make your personal statement work for you, you’ve got to summarise in a few lines how you meet the job specification. The…Continue Reading “Writing a personal statement”

CV Mistake

If you were an employer and you had so many well written and error free CVs to choose from, would you consider an application with even just the slightest mistake? With so many applications to choose from, the hiring manager has the easy job of finding the very best candidates to interview. Such fierce competition to land a job makes for great reading when you’re an employer, but on the flip side, makes it extremely hard to get it right as a job seeker. If…Continue Reading “Why a mistake on your CV could cost you the job”

Focus on achievements

With such a competitive job market you cannot afford to rest on your laurels and write a generic and plain CV. Simply listing all of your work experience, skills, and qualifications is not going to be enough to get you that all important interview. So what else do you need to do? Putting yourself in the shoes of the employer will allow you to understand better what they are looking for. Will having the right skills and experience instantly guarantee that you will perform will…Continue Reading “How to focus your CV on achievements and performance”

Using a CV template

An error free and well tailored CV is going to have a great chance of getting you an interview – but only if it also looks great and has all the sections! If you’re a very creative person and have some experience in graphic design, then you might not need to use a CV template. But most people don’t have the skills or the experience to know how to create a CV layout without using other examples as guidance. We can all find examples of…Continue Reading “The pros and cons of using a CV template”

From 8 am to 6 pm you are commited to delivering quality legal representation to your clients. In the midst of taking client calls, attending court hearings and preparing cases, you are inevitably hit with a myriad of other issues. First, the new receptionist calls in sick for the third time in the last month since you hired her. You quickly take off your lawyer hat and through on your HR Administrator hat to assess who will cover the front desk and answer the phones…Continue Reading “The Lawyer of Many Hats”

Part Three of our Fifteen part series to showcase our speakers that will be presenting at our upcoming “Get a Life” conference. Our speaker Bios can be found HERE! Enjoy! Total PMA: What topic will you be speaking about at the Conference? Allison Shields: I’ll be speaking about billing and fees, and some new ways to think about fee structure. Many lawyers complain that billing and collections are their biggest challenges, and I’ll be talking about how lawyers can think differently about their fees and how…Continue Reading “Virtual Interview with Allison Shields!”

One way you can definitely get the well deserved sleep that you need is to learn how to delegate certain tasks within your firm. Initially, it may be a little hard to do if you are still stuck in the mode of “If I want it done right, I have to do it myself.” Delegation should not be viewed as a negative function within the law firm culture. Delegation offers you the opportunity to have someone else perform certain tasks while you focus on the…Continue Reading “Learn How to Delegate”

The phone is ringing, you have to be in court in 10 minutes, your secretary is preparing a motion that has to be filed today and you’re in the dog house because you told your wife you have to work for the 5th Saturday in a row just to keep your head above water. This is the not so atypical day of a solo practitioner. In tough economic times, lawyers often find themselves with an onslaught of new business. Misery begets misery. When people go…Continue Reading “Busy Times Could Mean Diminishing Returns….What Are You gonna do About It?”