If you were an employer and you had so many well written and error free CVs to choose from, would you consider an application with even just the slightest mistake? With so many applications to choose from, the hiring manager has the easy job of finding the very best candidates to interview. Such fierce competition to land a job makes for great reading when you’re an employer, but on the flip side, makes it extremely hard to get it right as a job seeker. If…Continue Reading “Why a mistake on your CV could cost you the job”

With such a competitive job market you cannot afford to rest on your laurels and write a generic and plain CV. Simply listing all of your work experience, skills, and qualifications is not going to be enough to get you that all important interview. So what else do you need to do? Putting yourself in the shoes of the employer will allow you to understand better what they are looking for. Will having the right skills and experience instantly guarantee that you will perform will…Continue Reading “How to focus your CV on achievements and performance”

An error free and well tailored CV is going to have a great chance of getting you an interview – but only if it also looks great and has all the sections! If you’re a very creative person and have some experience in graphic design, then you might not need to use a CV template. But most people don’t have the skills or the experience to know how to create a CV layout without using other examples as guidance. We can all find examples of…Continue Reading “The pros and cons of using a CV template”