From 8 am to 6 pm you are commited to delivering quality legal representation to your clients. In the midst of taking client calls, attending court hearings and preparing cases, you are inevitably hit with a myriad of other issues. First, the new receptionist calls in sick for the third time in the last month since you hired her. You quickly take off your lawyer hat and through on your HR Administrator hat to assess who will cover the front desk and answer the phones…Continue Reading “The Lawyer of Many Hats”

Part Three of our Fifteen part series to showcase our speakers that will be presenting at our upcoming “Get a Life” conference. Our speaker Bios can be found HERE! Enjoy! Total PMA: What topic will you be speaking about at the Conference? Allison Shields: I’ll be speaking about billing and fees, and some new ways to think about fee structure. Many lawyers complain that billing and collections are their biggest challenges, and I’ll be talking about how lawyers can think differently about their fees and how…Continue Reading “Virtual Interview with Allison Shields!”