Presented by the Total Practice Management Association Whether you are heading to Chicago to attend the TPMA Get a Life.™ Conference or the annual NACBA Conference, you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity! Amazing food with a unique view of Wrigley Stadium to see Chicago’s beloved Cubs in action against the Dodgers from the rooftops in Wrigleyville. Price — $150/person (includes admission, food and drinks)

Get Connected! Total Practice Management Association is dedicated to helping legal professionals in small firms or solo practice reach their revenue goals without working around the clock. We take work~life balance seriously, and everything we do is designed to help you achieve it. Member Benefits Include: Educational Courses and CLE Credits Get a Life.™ Conference Discounted Rates Special Offers from Affinity Partners Total Balance, our bi-monthly magazine Peer-to-Peer Networking and Expert Community Forums Tools to Grow Your Practice and Have a Life Membership is currently…Continue Reading “Community”

Live Call-In, Online Radio Show The Total Practice Management Association invites our members and interested non-members to join our experts for live question and answer sessions. Experts will discuss topics relevant to attorneys and legal professionals. All show times are CDT. Featured Expert(s) Show Date Time Kevin Chern & Edmund Scanlan 30-Day Follow Up for Get a Life July 9, 2009 4:00 PM Gerry Riskin Bulletproofing® Your Clients and Your Joy of Life July 22, 2009 2:00 PM Ross Fishman Focused Marketing August 6, 2009…Continue Reading “TPMA on Blog Talk Radio”

Intern (noun): an advanced student or graduate usually in a professional field gaining supervised practical experience. What that exactly means is any potential intern’s best guess. Heading out the door May 18th, the morning I was to assume the ambiguous title, the possible definitions of that word at Total PMA seemed endless. Really, what tangible “practical experience” could I expect to gain this summer at 25 E. Washington? That is the address isn’t it? What time does the train come? Am I ready? Oh no,…Continue Reading “What can your intern tell you about your office?”

Doing a fantastic job for your clients is a great start, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle—and probably not even the most important piece when it comes to client perception, repeat business and client referrals. The relationship you build with your clients impacts every step of the process, from client confidence in your decisions to client satisfaction with the outcome of the case to word of mouth referrals after the fact. Building a solid attorney-client relationship starts with the very first contact, and…Continue Reading “The Value of Strong Attorney-Client Relationships (and How to Build Them)”

The morning began with us pondering an interesting question. What would Lincoln do? As a lawyer first and then a President, Lincoln often faced ethical dilemmas which he worked his way through in a smooth and commendable manner. If you despise what you are doing you won’t do it well. In honor of the year of the 200th birthday of Mr. Lincoln, it was an interesting seminar to examine how we would in the modern era use the same principles he applied over a century ago….Continue Reading “Day 4 of the California State Bar Meeting”

Run Your Practice Without Running Yourself into the Ground In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn how manage all the moving parts of a successful law practice and still have a life. But there’s one very important thing missing – you! One of the greatest challenges you have is making time for what’s personally important to you – your hobbies, friends and family. Who Should Attend Partners at Small Law Firms Solo Practitioners Of Counsel Attorneys Associates Any attorney who wants to lead a more balanced…Continue Reading “Get a Life Conference”