Pretentious Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Bathroom sets with shower curtain

In decorating your bathroom, you not only need the standard equipment like bathroom’s tools but you also need some accessories that will make your bathroom decoration look more attractive. Despite of the use of bathroom’s tools like bathtub, shower, vanities, closet and others, you still need some other things like window curtains, bathtub curtains, wall lighting, mirror, and so on. Here we are going to give some inspiration to your bathroom accessories especially for the bathroom curtains. Some of the modern bathroom curtain ideas will inspire you to find the best for your own bathroom.

Bathroom Window Curtains
If you have window in your bathroom, you better also make the window bathroom curtain matches to the other decoration. If you choose the modern decoration to your bathroom, so you also have to take the bathroom curtain ideas for your window in modern design. Modern is not always stylish and complicated, but with the simple window curtain that has the same color as your bathroom decoration, it can create a more attractive and match result for all of the decoration.

Bathroom Bathtub Curtains
Some of you probably like to put a curtain in your bathroom to separate the bathtub with the rest of the room. It can be a nice decoration if you choose the similar design to your bathtub curtain with the rest of the room’s decoration. You can take the bathroom curtain ideas for bathtub curtain that has many options. From material, color, motifs are varied, and it is all depends on your own taste.

Gallery of Pretentious Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Ryan Betrun March 9, 2014

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