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If you are decorating your bathroom, you better make sure that the design that you choose is up to date and modern. However, even though it is not modern, but some bathroom designs are more popular than others. If you are going to decorate your bathroom these days, you can look for the nice inspiration of popular new bathroom ideas. The new ideas of bathroom decoration of course will make you easier in finding the most popular and also the modern concept of bathroom decoration. Thus, it will make you easier in decorating your bathroom to become like the new and popular designs recently.

Classic New Bathroom Ideas
Even it is classic, but it has the new bathroom ideas as the redesign of the old one. It will still look a bit classical but also will look attractive and luxurious as well. Usually, this kind of bathroom decoration is dominated by brown or orange color. The equipments that are used in the bathroom decoration also look classical but still luxurious, from the shower, bathtub, the vanities, and even to the bathroom shelves. They key of this classic the obscure light and color that make the room look classical and calm.

Modern New Bathroom Ideas
The other popular new bathroom ideas are the modern concept of bathroom decoration. Unlike the previous idea, this modern bathroom idea is usually dominated bright color like white and also with bright lighting ideas. Besides, the use of modern equipment and the style of the room decorate also create the modern and awesome look to the bathroom.

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Ryan Betrun March 13, 2014

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