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Corner bathroom shelf

In decorating your bathroom, you better not only focus on the main equipment like the shower and bathtub designs, but you also have to pay attention to the simple things that can complete the bathroom decoration. One of it is the bathroom shelf, even it is simple thing but sometimes you forget to choose the right design of the shelf. It is very important to be put in the bathroom décor since it is very useful to keep you towels, your bathe tools, and other things. Some popular bathroom shelf ideas are available to inspire you in getting the best one for your own as follows.

Simple Modern Bathroom Shelf
If you want to make your bathroom decoration look simple but modern, you can use the simple and modern bathroom shelf ideas to be your best choice of bathroom shelves. It usually has the simple design and shape, with the most popular color is white or creamy color. Besides, it also available in various size from small to big with many shelves, so that you can put your things there easily. It can be made from wooden material, but some of them are made by glass or ceramic.

Unique Artistic Bathroom Shelf
If you love something unique and different that the common people use, you can prefer to the unique and artistic bathroom shelf idea. It usually has beautiful and unique shape, like the letter S, stairs model, and so on. By using this kind of bathroom shelf, it will not only be functional but also will beautify the room decoration.

Gallery of Popular Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Ryan Betrun March 14, 2014

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