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Small bathroom mirrors

In decorating your bathroom, you somehow need some accessories that can be functional as well like the bathroom mirror. Some people maybe think that it is not necessary to put a mirror in a bathroom, but actually its function is very big. Beside you can look in the mirror to make sure your appearance is well, the mirror itself can also beautify the bathroom decoration. It can be applied as a set with your washbasin or vanity, so that the result will be even better. There are some popular bathroom mirrors ideas that can give you inspiration in finding your own model as follows.

Square Bathroom Mirror Ideas
The most popular bathroom mirrors ideas are the square model. It actually has the standard shape of mirror with its square model, but people usually like it more than the other model. However, to make this bathroom mirror looks not so monotone, various sizes and shapes are available. The various models are from the big and long horizontal square, small and vertical square, and other models.

Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas
The other popular bathroom mirrors ideas are the round model. It actually looks much more beautiful than the square, but it depends on your own taste. With the round bathroom mirror, you can create many decorations. It usually comes with some artistic models like the round mirror that framed with small stones, or other models that will beautify your bathroom decoration. Therefore, the bathroom mirror will not only be functional but also can complete the room decoration to get more attractive look.

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Ryan Betrun March 15, 2014

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