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Bathroom wall tile

In order to know which one is better between tile and paint for bathroom, we must know the condition of bathroom wall. You already know that bathroom is a unique room in your house. Therefore the wall must have different treatment with other room wall. Bathroom wall perhaps always be humid because it can be easily splashed with water. This is the vivid different with other wall. Therefore bathroom wall must be water repellant. Here are two bathroom wall ideas for you related with paint or tile.

Paint for bathroom wall
Most people build their bathroom with minimalistic bathroom wall ideas design. They don’t want to get complicated design for their bathroom. Therefore the decoration for their bathroom wall is not too much. If you are those people, paint is a good option as your bathroom wall. However you should choose paint that is water repellant. The better one is that special paint for bathroom wall.

Tile for bathroom wall
On the other hand, if you want a grand bathroom wall ideas that can give you a good feeling, tile is definitely the answer as your bathroom wall ideas. Remember this, tiles is made for bathroom. It is water resistant also but it has so various any king or pattern, style, and color. Those tiles are combinable. You can find the cheapest tiles or even the expensive one. Small tiles are best for wall decoration. On the other hand medium size and big size is good for floor. If you want minimalistic design for your bathroom wall, you just paint your wall with special bathroom wall paint. If not, you mat decorate your bathroom with tiles that offers so many design, patterns, and color that are combinable each other.

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Ryan Betrun March 11, 2014

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