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Fascinating Travertine Tile Bathroom Backsplash Ideas White Ceramic Sink with Oval White Bathtub Design and Wooden Deck flooring Interior

Nowadays, bathroom has transformed from a must-have room into a great personal room for everyone. People now use bathroom not only to take shower only. Bathroom can be the place where the owner can has private time enjoying the water, soap, the hot water. No wonder, many people are willingly to pay more to have great bathroom. One of the prominent signatures of great bathroom is backsplash. Here are some tips of bathroom backsplash ideas.

Why Backsplash?
Backsplash is not only a bathroom sink with a mirror. It can be considered as bathroom jewelry. People spend long time to see their face and body in front of backsplash. It can express the personal style of the owner. Moreover the backsplash can add more punch on the neutral place inside the bathroom. When it comes to choosing backsplash, consider the material that you choose. Each kind of material has unique structure of surface and effect. You even can use recycled material such as recycled metallic, glass, ceramic cuts or even tiles to be arranged as mosaics. To give a better effect, you can take the tiles from floor up to the ceiling, not just in the shower only. To ease choosing the material, consider these three categories, soft surface, medium surface, and hard surface. You can use unique wall tiles to embellish your backsplash. It is easy to get bathroom backsplash ideas.

The Color
Remember to use incorporate natural tiles color as the last bathroom backsplash ideas. The natural color can provide warmth and relax situation such as ivories, grays, browns, Blue Ocean, and sea greens.

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Ryan Betrun March 11, 2014

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