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You may have ever heard about a type of bathroom paint color ideas that is known as the two tone bathroom paint. This type of bathroom paint is actually the one that has been known since a quite long time ago. That is why this type of wall paint is often considered also as the classic one. Even if it is so, it does not mean that the wall paint idea is not really applicable for nowadays bathroom. Moreover, this can also be used to make the interior of your bathroom to look more beautiful.

Horizontal Two Tone Wall Paint for Classic Touch
For you who are interested in this kind of bathroom paint color ideas and you still want to get the classic touch that it can create, it is so sure that the one you should choose is horizontal two tone wall paint idea. The meaning of horizontal here is that half of the wall is painted in a color option and the other half with some other color of wall paint. It would be best if one of the colors is white since it will help you out in brighten up your bathroom.

Vertical Two Tone Wall Paint for More Modern-Looking Bathroom
If, on the other hand, you want something that looks more modern, the bathroom paint color ideas that you have to choose is the one with vertical pattern. Unlike the previous one, in this one stripes pattern is the best one for you to apply in the walls of your bathroom.

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Ryan Betrun March 8, 2014

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