Cute Bathroom ideas With Dark Color Theme

Cute bathroom themes

When you hear about cute bathroom ideas, you may directly think that these are always related to the choices of bright colors, which are actually quite common to express cuteness. The fact that you may not know is that actually some dark colors can also be chosen in order to make a bathroom looks cute? Do you believe in it? If you do not, here are two great examples of dark color theme that can really make your bathroom to look cuter later.

Black, Gray, and Tosca Color Theme
The first example of color theme for cute bathroom ideas is the combination between black, gray, and also Tosca color. In some ways, the availability of these three colors in a bathroom creates something fascinating. Besides, the color of Tosca also looks simply shining being combined with black with a bit touch of gray. Beside, together all of these colors actually create such an ultimate modern look.

Light Purple and Black Color Theme
The next example of color theme that can also be applied in the cute bathroom ideas is the combination of black as the dark color and also light purple. Again and again the contrast look that is resulted from the use of the two colors together creates such as a stunning look in your bathroom. One thing that you have to know about this color theme is that it is also possible for you to add more elegance in the bathroom by using dark color wooden furniture for bathroom.

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Ryan Betrun March 7, 2014

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