Awesome Bathroom Vanity Ideas

DIY bathroom vanity ideas

Bathroom vanity ideas do not always tell about the types of vanity that you can consider more for you bathroom. Instead, these can also tell about some other things which are related to bathroom vanities. One example that you may also find to be something interesting is the ideas that you can follow in order to make your bathroom vanities to be more decorative. Later, if applied, these ideas can also make the whole parts of your bathroom to look decorative as well.

Place Various Sizes of Scented Candles
The first bathroom vanity ideas that you can try to do quite simply is placing some scented candles on the vanity. It would be better if each of the candles has different size and is placed in a kind of glass. This kind of decoration is not only easy to create. It is also beneficial because of the fact that it gives aromatic scent to your bathroom area too. This can make the bathroom to get a good fresh odor and, for you, it can make you feel a bit more relaxed.

Place Small Size Indoor Plant on the Vanity
The next bathroom vanity ideas that you can try is placing a small size indoor plant of your choice on the vanity. If you want to, you can also choose some plant that has bright color or even flowers. Since you cannot place random decoration in bathroom, this idea can be said to be the really best one for you to try.

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Ryan Betrun March 3, 2014

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