Attractive Country Bathroom Ideas

Country Style Bathroom Vanities

In decorating your bathroom, you better make sure that you have decided the right concept of the decoration that you will use. One of the designs that maybe attract your attention is the country bathroom ideas. The country design that unique and calm will make you enjoy every time you take a bath. Even though, the design is attractive enough since you can decorate the bathroom with some modern equipment but in the rustic style. Besides, the decoration of the bathroom can also be beautiful with some touches of the rustic style, like the plantation, the hardwood wall or flooring, and the bricks. Even some people say it is old style, but some others say that it is unique and attractive.

Semi Country Bathroom Design
If you want to make your bathroom decoration in country bathroom ideas but you still want to make it looks a bit modern, you can apply the semi country bathroom design that will perfectly suit to your taste. You can use the rustic touches to your bathroom like simple bathtub, the unique vanities, and other things. While above all, you can apply the modern decoration to your bathroom.

Fully Country Bathroom Design
If you want to make a fully country bathroom ideas, you can choose whether you want to use bricks or hardwood for the wall. Besides, the bathroom equipments should also have the rustic style to make the room has more country feel. After that, add a vase with plantation in the corner of the bathroom to add the rustic look to your bathroom.

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Ryan Betrun March 8, 2014

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