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Perhaps you are thinking about creating a simple bathroom, which nothing to find inside but usual toiletries, bath tub, and soap. However, things related to your bathroom would be absolutely different if you can make something creative on it. You can provide vanity inside, while at the same time thinking about adding cherry wood for the surrounding panel. Well, this is just an example you can consider. What about boys bathroom for your son? Is it a great idea to give your son his own bathroom in his room? Well, nothing can stop you doing that, so boys bathroom ideas are what you need at this point.

Use Pegboard
Amongst boys bathroom ideas, we really like such an idea as giving your child his/her own pegboard. You can start by adding matching a few wall sconces, step stools, mirrors, and sinks into boys’ bathroom. Please note that you can do this only if you have more than one child. Adding these will give the bathroom sense of communal, completed with personal and colors touches to make the bathroom funnier.

Start with the Simple Matters
Each of your children can have a pegboard, from which the one can have personalized towels and bath supplies. If you have three children, each of them will know which pegboard belong him or her. Take an example: “A” for Nanny, “B” for Boys, and “C” for Cherry; this is the rule of having own pegboard. There are plenty of boys bathroom ideas you can consider. One rule to remember: you can always start with simple matter regarding the bathroom for your boys.

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Ryan Betrun March 12, 2014

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