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In decorating your bathroom, you not only need some important stuffs like the shower or the closet, but you also need to prepare for the other equipments that will make your bathroom decoration feel more functional. One of the bathroom equipments that is not only important but also can be a kind of accessory is the bathroom sink. Many attractive bathroom sink ideas are available, so that you can choose which one that will be suitable to your taste and to your bathroom decoration concept. Here are some of the popular bathroom sink designs.

Modern Bathroom Sink
In the modern bathroom sink ideas, you will get the most up-dated bathroom sink model that will be perfectly suit for your modern bathroom concept. It usually comes in a bright color like white or silver, and it is made from ceramic. The modern bathroom sink models are usually square, round, or oval, this can be suited to your vanities design. The other new modern bathroom sink is the marble model that will be very nice to be applied on your classic bathroom decoration.

Artistic Bathroom Sink
The other popular bathroom sink ideas are the artistic bathroom sink. It is usually come with various shapes and colors, as well as the material that is used in making the bathroom sink. Some of the models are using glasses as the main material, while others are using stones, ceramics, and other materials. The bathroom sinks are also available in various shapes, from standard shape like square, round or oval, up to the unique shape like a cup, ashtray, and other shapes.

Gallery of Attractive Bathroom Sink Ideas

Ryan Betrun March 14, 2014

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