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When you are going to decorate your bathroom, one thing that you should not forget about the room decoration is the bathroom window. Despite of the function as a ventilation tool, it also will give the room more beautiful design and sometimes much more natural lights from the outside. Some people love to submerge in their bathroom while they also can enjoy the warm sunlight through the bathroom window. Therefore, to create your own bathroom window designs, there are some popular bathroom window ideas that can give you nice inspiration.

Big and Large Bathroom Window
If you love to get much more natural lights from the outside, you can choose the big and large bathroom window ideas. This is very popular bathroom window that has been chosen as the favorite one in creating a luxurious and elegant bathroom designs. By using the big and large window in your bathroom design, you will not only get the extra natural light, but also you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor view during your submerged in your bathtub. Of course this is can be much more relaxing rather than being trapped in a bathroom without any window.

Small Upper Side Bathroom Window
For you who do not really love to put a big and large window to your bathroom design, you can use the small upper side bathroom window ideas. Of course this bathroom model will not give you extra lights and extra views, but it can still be a good ventilation tool in your bathroom. Therefore, your bathroom will stay fresh.

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Ryan Betrun March 16, 2014

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